I Am the world by henrique

“I Am the World” is not meant to be a narcissist view of the world through my own eyes and of me, but instead, the intention is to depict how we are all interconnected and how one’s actions affect others as well as the self.

With this series I intend to deconstruct the existing political, social and religious structures. The repetition of my image throughout this series is a reference to the social role reversal or role blending. The difference between one country and another is an imaginary border that does not really exist. The priest and the worshiper, the oppressor and the oppressed, the two major political parties, the superior and the subordinate, the wealthy and the poor are really no different from each other. We all share a symbiotic complicity within the range of our actions; in fact, there is no separation between us.


Old News

Too often we succumb to complacency during times of war. That is the easy route. Instant news becomes old news. My focus is to show how easy it is for us to detach from a distant war because we go on with our everyday lives without experiencing the devastating destruction that they feel on a daily basis. Over time we begin to feel compassion fatigue. Others chose to believe the sugar-coated benevolent war media with its “precision bombs” and embedded journalism.